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Adobe Illustrator 10 website contents


Supply Management marketing materials

Aspen Technologies
  • Aspen Manufacturing Suite Aspen Manufacturing Suite
  • Aspen Supply Planner
  • Aspen Demand Manager
  • Aspen Retail
  • Aspen Web21 Web Help
  • Aspen OEM  Web Help
  • Aspen WebTools Help
  • Aspen Manufacturing Suite
  • Aspen Manufacturing Suite aeBRS
  • Aspen Demand Manager CAPs & Guides
  • Aspen MIMI Supply Channel
  • Aspen Supply Planner CAPs & Guides

Autodesk Mercury Banner Descriptions


Over 50 CompTIA Certification Exams
Avaya IP Office mailers


Software, documentation and website materials of BrassRing Enterprise.

Computer Associates

Several brochures and press releases


Canon NDPS Gateway User's Guide
Canon Cabicon User's Guide


Cimmetry website


uOne Voice Prompts
Cisco At Your Service newsletter (several editions)


Cognos Impromptu documentation


ComTIA Certification Exams and surveys


Compuware No Risk microsite and marketing campaign
Compuware Vantage e-mailers

Dassault Systèmes
  • ContactMAG magazine (several editions)
  • COMPASS magazine (several editions)
  • Dozens of articles, case studies, storyboards, tele-marketing campaigns, presentations etc., for different Dassault Systèmes products and their application to specific industries. Products include:
    • CATIA
    • ENOVIA
    • DELMIA
    • 3DVIA
  • DS SmarTeam Design Express Methodology Guide
  • SmarTeam Design Express for Multi-CAD: Pro/ENGINEER Methodology Guide
  • SmarTeam Design Express for Multi-CAD: Pro/ENGINEER User Training
  • CATIA Workshop for PLM Days
  • Generic Technical and Financial Proposal

Documens website


Doosan forklift products documentation
Doosan press releases


Software: DoubleClick Reach Media UI update
DoubleClick Reach Media Guide


EDS announcement letters


Emptoris e-Procurement System: entire software, documentation and website materials


Ericsson T-36 Model User's Guide

ESADE Business School

Dozens of business Case Studies from ESADE, INSEAD, and Hardvard Business School


EVS Multicam User Guide
EVS Technical Manuals (10 admin & user guides)


FileMaker Certification Exams


Fujifilm software GUI


Fujitsu MDF documentation

General Electric

GE website materials


g2LEAD Learning Program


Genuity website materials

Glenbrook Technologies

GT Jewel Box 90C User's Manual
GT Model RTX-113 User's Manual


Grand Vision Ordering Manual

Glaxo Smith Kline

GSK ePass e-Procurement System Guide

Helena Rubinstein

HR website materials


Hitachi Certification Exams
E-mailers for different marketing programs and campaigns, such as:

  • Hitachi Xsell
  • Hitachi Channel Toolklt
  • Hitachi CeBIT Healthcare
  • Hitachi E-learning
  • Hitachi Reward
  • Hitachi Cinemastar
  • HP ScanJet Scanner Software & Online Help
  • HP VPO and EWS
  • HP JetDirect Online Help
  • HP Share-to-Web Online Help
  • HP Network Basics Online Tutorial
  • Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC
  • Compaq Presario Notebook
  • HP Sales Guide
  • HP Certification Exams
  • HP Share-to-Web
  • HP Digital Sender
  • HP Windows XP flyers
  • HP Legal documents
  • HP ISS Supply Chain
  • HP Deskjet 5850 gepetto datasheet
  • HP MTR 1862 Laserjet
  • HP ps1200 photoscanner datasheet
  • HP SCRIM datasheets
  • HP Digital Sending datasheet
  • HP Laserjet 3500 & 3700 datasheets
  • HP Super DLT II 600GB data cartridge
  • HP Laserjet 3500 & 3700 datasheets
  • HP Deskjet 350
  • HP SmartStart update
  • HP Supplies Journal
  • HP Pay for Print
  • HP Reseller Toolkit
  • HP Large Printing marketing materials
  • HP Supplies Business Partner materials
  • HP Design 4000 brochures
  • HP Amazon mailers
  • HP Arquitect, GIS, MCAD mailers
  • HP Workstation and Mobility banners and posters
  • HP Smart Learning brochure
  • HP Marcom Guidelines
  • HP Business Partners Programme
  • HP Upsell Guide
  • HP Premium Plus Packaging
  • HP ESS StorageWorks
  • HP Continuous Learning Brochure
  • HP Service Specialist
  • HP Ultrium whitepaper
  • HP Colour your output campaign
  • HP Supplies Direct Customer brochure and presentation
  • HP Colorspan campaign
Website Contents
  • HP SmartStart 7.70 website materials
  • HP Smart Cartridge
  • HP Supplyline Print
  • HP Supplyline Web
  • HP Digital Projector
  • HP OpenView banners
  • HP Get Creative website materials

Hyperion Reports Documentation


Brochures for the following Hyundai car models:

  • Genesis Coupe
  • i30cw
  • i30
  • i20
  • i10
  • ix35
  • ix55
  • ix20
  • Santa Fe

Also, Hyundai website materials (car builder, request center, forms, etc.)

  • IBM OS/2 Warp
  • IBM ComManager/2
  • IBM ThinkPad
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM LAN Distance
  • IBM NetFinity Server
  • IBM DSServer
  • IBM Netscape
  • IBM VisualAge for Java
  • IBM AS/400
  • IBM eNetwork Communications Suite
  • IBM CommercePoint
  • IBM Announcement Letters
  • IBM ViaVoice
  • IBM WebSphere 2.1 and 5.0
  • IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console
  • IBM Java Runtime Environment j140A
  • IBM Portal Family
  • IBM WebSphere 4.0 Online Help
  • IBM WebSphere 5.0 Online Help
  • IBM Emptoris e-Procurement System Online Help
  • IBM Directory Server V 5.1 Online Help
  • IBM Sales Mastery Exams
  • IBM AIX manuals for Bull
  • IBM NAS (Network Attached Storage) User's Reference
  • IBM Infoprint
  • IBM WebSphere Portal 4.1
  • IBM Point of Sale Terminal Guide
  • IBM pSeries Planning for Partitioned-System Operations
  • IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) Certification Exams
  • IBM 2007 GHCS Report
  • IBM The Global Human Capital Study
  • IBM ISS Certifications
  • IBM Tiffany
  • IBM-Samsung Printer B2B
  • IBM-Oracle ERP
  • IBM CTEBA Education Module
  • IBM System x 152-153 exams
  • IBM PWU service college and web lecture
  • IBM IFG Course
  • IBM AS400
  • IBM S390
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM-Seagate flyers & white papers
  • CGS/IBM - Value Net Brochure
Website Contents
  • Sales America Intranet
  • Global Travel Shanghai
  • Passport Advantage Course
  • Software Premiere Club
  • Global PC MarketPlace

ICGC RealSource User Training Exercise Handbook


Identix BioSafe Software and Online Help

Immediate Solutions

Immediate Solutions website


Intel Create & Share Software and Online Help
Intel Cameras manuals & flyers
Intel Certification Exams


Invensys Newsletter (different editions)
Invensys brochure and other marketing materials


IRIS - Cardiris for CRM
IRIS Maintenance Agreement


JSL Evisa Online Application


JVC HD Hard disk recorder
JVC: SoftWare Install Guide
JVC DVD burner

Kingston Technologies
  • Kingston ValueRAM e-Training
  • Kingston Media Recover Quick Start Guides
  • Kingston SSDNow Installation Guide
  • Kingston Newsletter editions
  • Remember Kingston newsletter articles
  • Kingston FB-DIMM white papers
  • Kingston Flash ad
  • Kingston DDR3 flyer
  • Kingston Flash Personalisation program
  • Kingston Mobile Channel Pack
  • Kingston HyperX for gaming channel pack
  • Kingston HyperX Performance Channel Pack
  • Kingston Photo Channel Pack
  • Kingston DT410 and SSD M-Series
  • Kingston SSD VSeries Emailer
  • Kingston SSDNow E-Series e-mailer
  • Kingston Refer a Friend campaign
  • Kingston SSD Series Configurator
  • Kingston SSD ROI Calculator Tools
Website Contents
  • Kingston Spanish site materials
  • Kingston DT Vault webpages
  • Kingston DataTraveler Blackbox web page
  • Kingston DT 101 web pages
  • Kingston Partner Program portal relaunch
Kyocera Mita

KM-1530 and KM-2030 brochures


Lumesse EasyCruit website materials


McAfee brochures, microsite


Documentation & Online Help files:

  • MS BackOffice Server Online Help
  • MS Small Business Server Online Help
  • MS BackOffice Server Guide
  • MS Exchange Guide
  • MS Small Business Server Guide

NuGenesis Archive Browser 5.0 User's Guide
NuGenesis Vision 4.0 User's Guide


Maxtreme, Powerdraft, Quadroview, and nView documentation

Obtree Technologies

Obtree Content Manager Manual
Obtree Educational papers, brochures, whitepapers
Obtree Partner Program
Obtree website

  • Oracle Self-Assessment Test
  • Oracle Self Assessment Tools
  • Oracle Moniforce datasheet and whitepaper
  • Oracle University CRM newsletter
  • Oracle Database Upgrade Guide
  • Oracle Top 10 white papers
  • Oracle IDM white papers
  • Oracle Newsletter editions
  • Oracle High Availability presentation
  • Oracle Identity Management campaign
  • Oracle IDM presentations
  • Oracle Instant Portal campaign
  • Oracle SOA campaign
  • Oracle SME Business Intelligence campaign
  • Oracle Database 10g
  • Oracle Partitioning campaign
  • Oracle Data Management emailers
  • Oracle Web Security campaign
  • Oracle Business Intelligence campaign
  • Oracle BPEL postcard, e-marketing & presentation
  • Oracle SMB Portal campaign
  • Oracle Apps Food and Beverage Postcard
  • Oracle DB Vault presentation & landing page
  • Oracle RAC campaign
  • Oracle Industrial Manufacturing campaign
  • Oracle ICR campaign
  • Oracle OEM 4 campaign
  • Oracle SES campaign & presentation
  • Oracle Lean Supply Chain presentation
  • Oracle Life Sciences campaign & presentation
  • Oracle AS Pack campaign
  • Oracle IT Fusion e-mailer
  • Oracle Tech BI campaign
  • Oracle ONE Q4 magazine
  • Oracle MW Security campaign
  • Oracle Business Services campaign
  • Oracle SMB Data Consolidation campaign
  • Oracle Database Security campaign
  • Oracle As Pack presentation
  • Oracle EM Packs campaign
  • Oracle Partitioning and Configuration Management presentation
  • Oracle Wholesale Distribution campaign and presentation
  • Oracle AS Nurture/SOA campaign
  • Oracle OFM campaign
  • Oracle Expert Services part for AS Nurture campaign
  • Oracle SMB Business Stability campaign
  • Oracle RAC High Availability Campaign
  • Oracle Bea Roadshow e-mailer
  • Oracle University & BEA welcome letter
  • Oracle Tech BI Publisher new campaign
  • Oracle Demantra campaign
  • Oracle ACS EMEA
  • Oracle Service Professional presentation
  • Oracle Weblogic kit
  • Oracle Tech TMC Grid Economics campaign
  • Oracle Cloud Exec Roundtable
  • Oracle Apps: CRM oD Financial Services
  • Oracle BD Upgrade campaign
  • Oracle Tech API campaign
  • Oracle Tech FM Investment Protection campaign
  • Oracle CRM oD 6 Imperatives White Paper
  • Oracle ERP HMC Solution Factory Portal
  • Oracle Cloud Computing seminar emails
  • Oracle Application Grid Virtual Roadshow
Website Contents
  • Oracle Search Keywords
  • Oracle Google adwords
  • Oracle SMB website
  • Oracle Financing datasheet and web content
  • Oracle BI webcast

Palm Treo 650 ads
Palm Treo 680 ads
Palm Treo 680 microsite materials
Palm Treo 750 IE ad
Palm Heritage Treo flyer


Vantico documentation
Pamco website materials


Documentation & Online Help files:

  • Panasonic Legal documents
  • Privacy Policy statement
  • Panasonic Video Camera User's Guide
  • Panasonic DVD Player User's Guide
  • Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner User's Guide
  • Panasonic Car Audio System User's Guide
  • Panasonic Car Accessory User's Guide
  • Panasonic Wireless Audio Kit
  • Panasonic DVD recorder documentation
  • Panasonic X60 camera phone ad and leaflets

Panduit EasyMark software and user manual


Pelco Certification Exams


J.D. Edwards Call Center Management Module
J.D. Edwards Enterprise Asset Management Module
J.D. Edwards Job Cost Accounting Module
J.D. Edwards Manage Assets Module

Pinnacle Systems

Pinnacle Studio 9, 10, 11 and 12 software and documentation
Pinnacle PCTV documentation


Polaris Certification Exams
Polaris 2.x & 3.0 Gap Analysis


e-Procurement System Guides
Procuri Website materials


Ricoh captions for promotional DVD


Sabre Support Center update
Sabre Ticketing System


SalesLogix Software and Online Help


Dozens of demand-generation articles and marketing materials about different topics, such as:

  • Galaxy Tab
  • Galaxy S
  • Blu-Ray
  • Android
  • AnyWeb Print
  • Central Station
  • LED monitors
  • Home Theater
  • Data Projector
  • DualView camera
  • 3D guide
  • HDMI
  • HDTV
  • Home appliances
  • Laptops
  • NX Series
  • SDD
  • Home entertainment
  • Optical disk drives
  • Media players
  • Microwaves
  • Refrigerators
  • Etc.

SAP R/3 Online Help and Modules updates


Digital Clock Radio with Compact Disc Player User's Guide


Brochures, press releases, whitepapers, datasheets, technical documents, ads, launch alerts, etc., for different products, such as:

  • Seagate Momentus
  • Seagate Warranty campaign
  • Seagate Portable Drive Add
  • Seagate RMA Service NFlash
  • Seagate Partner Program (SPP)
  • Seagate Retail Demand Generation campaign
  • Seagate Barracuda 7200.9
  • Seagate Barracuda ES
  • Seagate MobileMax e-mailers
  • Seagate Dual Brand toolkit
  • Seagate STM Media
  • Seagate FreeAgent campaign
  • Seagate Vista Launch Material
  • Seagate FreeAgent Online Training Landing Page
  • Seagate FreeAgent and Maxtor Datasheet
  • Seagate FreeAgent Go e-mails and banners
  • Seagate FreeAgent Telesales document
  • Seagate FreeAgent Go rebate Terms and Conditions
  • Seagate Momentus XT
  • Seagate DataTraveler G3
  • Seagate SPP Partner Recruitment
  • Seagate Partner Program (SPP)
  • SPP Reward website and templates

Siebel software


Siemens carkit promotional materials


SolidWorks software and documentation materials


PCS-XG80 Sony TV conference device documentation


StepStone Privacy Statement
StepStone EasyCruit marketing materials
StepStone Solutions Bersin Newco report
Stepstone customer portal materials

Sun Microsystems
  • Sun Enterprise Appliance Online Help
  • Sun Halo & Beetle
  • Sun Forte Developer
  • Sun Forte For Java
  • Sun Fire 480 Server documentation
  • Sun Solaris 8 Maintenance Update 6 Installation Guide
  • Sun Certification Exams
Website Contents
  • Infoexpress
  • Global Application Developer Corner
  • Web Learning Center Content

Swarmbuilder website materials


Symantec Certification Exams
Symantec online questionnaires


Symbol legal documents
Symbol Wireless Promotion, emailers
Symbol ServicePAK
Symbol MC1000 promotion
Symbol Salespower Scanner e-mails and catalogue
Symbol new look site and wireless promo


Dozens of Prometric Certification Exams


Toshiba Portege 500G web page
Toshiba G900 web page

  • Unigraphics demos, brochures, press releases, announcement letters
  • Unigraphics Solid Edge
  • Unigraphics Solid Edge Insight
  • Unigraphics ProductVision
  • Unigraphics Part Advisor
  • Unigraphics PDM Parasolid
  • Unigraphics PLM
  • Unigraphics Teamcenter
  • SVS brochure and presentation
Website Contents
  • Unigraphics
  • I-deas NX
  • Solid Edge
  • MoldWizard
  • CIMData

Unisys Certification Exams


VeriSign e-mailers and other marketing materials


VMware SMB Server Virtualisation whitepaper
Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance marketing materials

  • Vodafone legal documents
  • Vodafone functional spreadsheets
  • Vodafone Data Channel Program emailers, press releases, surveys, ads...
  • Vodafone Rewards e-mailers
Website Contents
  • Vodafone Rewards website contents
  • Vodafone Reseller website contents
  • Vodafone Learning Centre website contents
  • Vodafone Partner website contents

WorldOne Test Screeners
WorldOne questionnaires


Zircon presentation